Conservative Villa: Sheltered Villa Options for Holidays

Offering the perfect accommodation for your most romantic holiday dreams, Kalkan Villa prioritizes diversity in its rental villa options. Perfect Conservative villa options are waiting for you according to your different holiday plans, the number of people you want to be on holiday, holiday location or theme. In Kalkan, one of the privileged regions of Antalya, you are definitely in the right place for an unforgettable summer holiday that is calm in nature and protects your privacy. If you wish, from our website, here; If you wish, you can contact us directly to get information about Conservative villa options and take a look at your dream holiday. It's that simple!

A Perfect Summer Vacation Plan and Sheltered Areas
While having a completely free and fun time with your family and loved ones, wouldn't you like the area where you have fun to be reserved only for you? Conservative villas, which will provide the greatest freedom for your privacy and the unique spirit of your family, impress with their luxurious interior and exterior decorations, large pools and of course privileged security systems. As a company, we offer you a privileged elite holiday option right in the middle of the special nature of the Kalkan region.

Accommodation Alternatives Offered by Our Company
We have compiled concepts that appeal to different holiday preferences from our Conservative villa portfolio for you. You can clarify your holiday plan by taking a look at these. After making your choice, do not forget to call us and complete your reservation by getting advice from our experts.

Accommodation options near the sea: If you want to have fun in the pool in the luxury villa and go to the sea frequently during the summer, be sure to check out our villa options near the sea. These options, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools and heated swimming pools, provide a wide variety of options that will make your swimming experience perfect this summer.
Economical villa options: Conservative villas, which offer a perfect summer plan and extra attention to your privacy, do not necessarily have to cost a fortune. We make luxury accessible with our accommodation options that appeal to everyone and have a wide price range. If you would like to get information about the rental prices of our conservative villa options, you can contact us. The number of people you plan your holiday for, the luxury options you want in your accommodation, and the location you choose for your accommodation may change rental prices.
Honeymoon villa for rent: Are you ready to have a special holiday experience with someone who is very special to you? Conservative villa can be a really great option for your holiday plan. Imagine spending time with your partner in private areas where you feel completely free during your holiday. There are no factors that disturb you or are beyond your control. Everything is designed specifically for you and allows for personalized experiences. Our conservative villa options can make your honeymoon more special than you ever imagined.
Villa with a view: If you wish, choose an accommodation area that overlooks the sea and will make you feel the unique aura of the Mediterranean, or choose an en suite accommodation area that overlooks the impressive valley and mountain views of Kalkan. The location of the house you choose will directly affect its view. We know that a holiday is a reward for a long working period for you. That's why we care that each Conservative villa option we offer for you has a breathtakingly beautiful view. Drinking your coffee while looking out the window will provide you with unforgettable comfort along with the sweet tiredness of the day.
A Special Holiday Just for You: Private Spaces and a Sheltered Experience for Your Family
The Coronavirus epidemic, which has gripped the world for a while, has once again revealed the importance of having an isolated holiday with your family and loved ones. It is extremely valuable to choose Conservative villa holiday options, not only because you will be the one benefiting from the resources, but also because you will benefit from maximum hygiene and cleanliness. We ensure that your preferences become even more special with sheltered villa options that protect your hygiene and privacy.

Conservative villas ensure your safety in every respect with extremely special protection areas around the residence. Imagine your loved ones and family vacationing freely, completely isolated from the rest of the world. If you want your holiday to be completed in a more conservative way, we are sure that you will be very happy with the pools that offer you a special swimming experience, excellent seating areas, and a large garden suitable for a great barbecue.

Recently, many people have concerns about hygiene, which causes our Conservative villa options to be preferred more. Below are our accommodation areas:

Why Conservative villa holiday instead of a hotel?
Discover the impressive natural beauty of Kalkan in peace, quiet and with no boundaries between you. Five-star hotel concepts, which are not suitable for large families, do not meet your family's holiday plans strongly enough. Different rooms, public dining and entertainment areas, and much more violate the privacy offered by Conservative villa options. Moreover, if you have planned a holiday with your children, you can never be completely sure of safety in such areas.

But Conservative villa holiday options are much different from all these.

First of all, if you want to rent a villa for your honeymoon, you will have a special theme for you and your spouse with its romantic decoration and atmosphere. The entire accommodation area, swimming pool and garden are reserved just for you to crown your romantic moments. You can enjoy the heated pool, the lush garden and your balcony with a view, creating special moments just for you.
If you've planned a holiday with your children, Conservative villa options mean a sheltered space where you won't have to constantly check on or chase after your child. Your child will feel much freer while spending time in this protected area. You will realize that you have gifted your child a real holiday that suits him while spending time in his own room, in his own playground and in the safe area of ​​the pool suitable for him. As a company, we care about offering you this difference, and in this regard, we provide Conservative villa holiday options.
Luxury Transfer Options
We care about making you feel privileged from the first moment of your holiday with our luxury options. In this regard, all our alternatives will offer you comfort, from villa options with heated pools to accommodation areas with a breathtaking view. However, we did not want this comfort to be limited to your accommodation.

It is very important to us that you feel privileged from the first moment you arrive at the airport. After all, as a company, we show your comfort and health as our first priority while offering you Conservative villa options. In this regard, since there are no public transportation options to the Kalkan region of Kaş, we offer to provide you with a special transfer service with our VIP vehicles. Our expert and experienced staff can wait for you at the airport with a card bearing your name, pick you up and bring you directly to the location of your rented Conservative villa holiday. In this way, you will feel that you have started a comfortable rest process from the first moment of your holiday. That's exactly what we're talking about: a true city escape experience.

Chance to Discover Kalkan with its Perfect Nature
While we present you our conservative villa options, we have carefully selected the location of these accommodation areas. Kalkan region of Kaş is a real heritage waiting to be discovered with its natural and historical beauties. There are two different ancient cities here, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Letoon Ancient City and Xanthos Ancient City. In addition, various caves, numerous beaches and walking streets that look perfect among the greenery promise you a real experience from heaven.

If you are going to choose a conservative villa, you should make this choice in an area such as Kalkan, which is naturally suitable for a perfect summer holiday. We aim to offer you privilege with our accommodation options both in the Kaş region of Antalya and specifically in the Kalkan region.

When you choose Kaş or Kalkan, one of the rare areas of Kaş, you will be able to make pleasant daily trips in the following natural areas. This will make you feel much more special. Let's take a look at the most popular areas to visit:

Xanthos Ancient City: This city, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage list, will make you feel like you have traveled to the past with its ancient ruins. Go back to the seventh century and examine the impressive sarcophagi here: Cemeteries, monuments, temples and much more mean a special experience for you, with their appearance surviving to this day and resisting the destructive effects of history. We recommend that you come to this rare area of ​​Kalkan during your holiday by choosing a conservative villa.
Letoon Ancient City: There is another city on UNESCO's World Heritage list, also in Kalkan: Letoon Ancient City. We are sure that when you visit here, you will feel like you are seeing the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology that you often hear about in books and movies. Because there are temples built for many gods belonging to this mythology. Even though the temples are in ruins, they are still worth seeing.

Who Are Conservative Honeymoon Villas Suitable For?
The conservative villa is suitable for anyone who cares about privacy. However, it is generally preferred by people who adhere to their Islamic beliefs. Especially women who wear hijab cannot feel comfortable in the hotel. Therefore, in these residences, veiled women have the opportunity to have a pleasant holiday while moving freely.

Regardless of your age, profession, view and lifestyle, you can experience the holiday of your dreams with Conservative villa options.

Sheltered Villa Sheltered Honeymoon Villas in Antalya
Do you want to be only with your partner on the best days of your life? If you answered 'yes' to this question but don't know what to do, sheltered villa options are waiting for you! The opportunity to have a holiday in the comfort of home but with more advanced facilities may not always come your way. Antalya honeymoon villas will be a great option for a perfect holiday with your partner. Antalya's unique nature, deep blue sea and B.C. Its centuries-old history allows you to experience unforgettable moments.

Antalya is among the most visited holiday destinations in the world. Especially newlywed couples can benefit from numerous opportunities. Magnificent bays, boat trips, local cuisine, wonderful nature and a couple in love like you are the main heroes of a perfect holiday!

What Does Sheltered Villa Mean?
For couples united in a conservative approach, sheltered honeymoon villas offer a hassle-free holiday experience. Recently, it has been preferred especially by couples who are bigoted and want to live according to their Islamic beliefs. However, couples who want to protect their spouses from private eyes and attach importance to privacy also find happiness in these holidays.

The sheltered villa is exclusive to you and has everything you need. Surrounding the house are trees, fences, walls, etc. It is upgraded with options and becomes invisible from the outside. In this way, you can swim in the pool, walk around the garden as you wish, sunbathe, etc. You will be free in activities.

Nowadays, as the number of couples choosing this holiday increases, their names have also changed. Conservative honeymoon villas, halal holiday homes, Islamic holiday villas, conservative villas etc. Many housing types have almost the same features.

Sheltered Villas Are Just for You!
Spending time only with your spouse during your holiday strengthens the love and bond between you. Couples who are especially nervous during the wedding period will start to have beautiful dreams while spending time in luxury villa options. When you look into your partner's eyes, the love between you turns into a fascinating feeling. Of course, while you are having romantic moments, there are no children running around, people talking loudly and pool lovers splashing water on you.

With its sheltered villa alternatives, you will be both the owner and the guest of a huge facility! You can make a program as you wish, go for a walk when you are bored, or enjoy tea or coffee on the balcony.

Holiday Enjoyment with 100% Privacy
Privacy is paramount for women who wear hijab and couples who embrace Islamic understanding. Ladies want to swim in the pool and sunbathe comfortably. Men, on the other hand, want to make sure that their wives are peaceful and comfortable. Holiday with 100% privacy is ideal for newly married couples and those who want to have a holiday in privacy.

In addition, every couple who wants to be alone and renew their love can consider sheltered villa alternatives. While every couple feels at home in the comfort and convenience of specially designed residences, they have access to pools, saunas, jacuzzis, terraces, etc. benefits from the opportunities.

In Which Regions Are Sheltered Villa Options Available?
You can find sheltered honeymoon villa options in many destinations in Turkey. However, advanced facilities, sea-sand-sun trio, 100% privacy, friendliness and attention, special treats for each couple, etc. It is extremely difficult to find all the advantages together.

As Kalkan Villa family, we offer the holiday you are looking for in different regions of Antalya, especially in Kaş / Kalkan. Moreover, we would like to remind you that we are one of the few companies that offer four-season holiday advantages. Be sure to check out our rental villa options that offer privacy, security and comfort at any time of the year!

7 Reasons to Vacation in a Sheltered Villa
Although there are many options for honeymoon villas for rent, the safest ones are the sheltered type. Below you can check out the highlights of the sheltered honeymoon villas!

Detailed Design

We offer you more than every equipment, tools and furniture you need in a home. Thanks to an equipped and complete kitchen, you can cook any meal and have romantic dinners. Watching your favorite movie on TV while cooling off under air conditioning is a great option!

We Do Cleaning, Hygiene and Maintenance

We always stand out among Antalya honeymoon villas with our meticulousness and devoted work. We clean your home and complete garden maintenance at the hours you specify. At the same time, clean linens, sheets, etc., cleaning supplies, etc. are kept in the house. Every opportunity is available.


Noise, crowd, chaos, etc. while on holiday. Nobody wants these situations. A holiday where peace and fun are directly proportional is the best. We offer different opportunities for peace and entertainment. Sheltered villa alternatives, away from the noise of the city, are intertwined with nature.

Easy access

We continue to think of everything for you! Houses where privacy is at a high level are located in different parts of the city. If you wish, you can choose residences within the city or a little further away from the city.

Different Options

To enjoy your holiday more, you can also consider villa options with jacuzzi, sauna and heated pool. There are many options to have fun and have a holiday in every season. Indoor pool, infinity pool etc. options provide unforgettable moments for your holiday!


You must have spent a lot of money during the wedding. Maybe you haven't created enough budget for the holiday yet. We provide holiday opportunities for every budget with our economical villa options. You can get one step closer to your dream holiday by contacting us or browsing our website.

You're in Control!

You don't have to rush to participate in the entertainment and dining programs at hotels! You create the entire program in the houses we offer you. Tea time, snack time, meal times, fun moments, etc. Everything happens under your control!

What are the advantages of holidaying in sheltered honeymoon villas?
Antalya honeymoon villas appeal to people from all walks of life and every style. At the same time, millions of couples cannot give up these types of holidays even after their first holiday. So, what are the most important factors for holiday lovers to choose sheltered honeymoon villas? Let's examine it together:

We solve your problems by accompanying you at any time you want, from the beginning to the end of the holiday,
We continue to raise walls and fences so that prying eyes do not disturb you,
We photograph each house in detail and from different angles to help you find the sheltered villa option you are looking for.
Hostels and apartments are often inadequate in terms of equipment, facilities and rooms. We offer a spacious holiday in the comfort of home,
You can have a barbecue in the garden, watch the sunrise and sunset on the balcony,
It's just you and your partner at all times, no one will disturb you with noise or otherwise,
You can ask us 24/7 about any question you have about the city, the house you are staying in or the holiday resort.
If you have a conservative family structure, we offer different options for your large group and loved ones.
Thanks to your private space, you do not need to be under anyone's surveillance,
Thanks to the extra shelter around the pool, you can enjoy the pool as you wish.
What Do We Do for a Great Holiday?
We consider everyone who has chosen us since 2016 as a valuable guest. We continue our work for you based on the comfort that a host offers to his guests. In our sheltered villa alternative, we offer different opportunities for our guests who are sensitive about privacy and security.

We provide detailed and sincere explanations from the moment you contact us for reservations and information.
We answer every question you have about transportation and provide trouble-free transportation when necessary.
We keep all transactions short so you can proceed to our office or directly at home,
We provide the same value to each of our guests with our corporate service approach.
We leave a complete home by checking every equipment before you move into the house,
Technological items, cleaning supplies and personal care items etc. at home. We help you use every material completely and without errors,
We arrange for you to rent each of the sea view villas or other residences for as long as you want.
What are the Options for Sheltered Villas for Rent?
Sheltered villa options offer different opportunities for each group size. For newlywed couples or lovers, you can get the opportunity to stay in houses for two people. We also have house options in different sizes for up to 15 people.

Each house has different features, and the issue of privacy comes to the fore especially in sheltered houses. These houses have an indoor pool, a large garden, a high and open balcony, two-storey, three-storey, single-storey, etc. There are options. When you choose one of the sheltered villa options, you will be sure that no one will see you.

Research shows that people mostly like to have holidays at home. Because these environments promise higher comfort by offering cozy living spaces. However, many of us do not have a huge house within walking distance of the sea. That's exactly why we offer great housing options that you can stay in whenever you want. Thanks to these houses, you will always feel as comfortable and privileged as at home!

Recommended Villas for Rent

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