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Honeymoon Villa for Rent and Conservative Honeymoon Villas
Would you like to be away from attention while enjoying your holiday to the fullest? When you are away from prying eyes, you can comfortably swim in the pool, enjoy the sun on the sun lounger and move as you wish! As Kalkan Villa, we offer you complete privacy and a wonderful holiday pleasure! You can have a perfect holiday in Kalkan, which is known as a tourism paradise with its magnificent nature. We are sure that you will have the happiest memories with the love of your life while holidaying in conservative honeymoon villa rental options. It is very difficult to find happiness, privacy and comfort on a holiday. However, we have taken all precautions for you!

What is a Honeymoon Villa for Rent?
While going on vacation, many people do not think about anything other than happiness and focus only on living the moment. Some people get into a big impasse with questions such as 'Can I feel comfortable in the pool?' 'What should I wear on holiday so I won't be uncomfortable?' 'Is the hotel too crowded?' Conservative rental honeymoon villas can offer you the holiday of your dreams at this point. These residences are just you and your loved one and provide a completely free holiday opportunity.

In our conservative villa options, the residence and the area around the pool are completely sheltered. Trees or walls are visible from outside, but you are never visible. This also applies to outdoor spaces such as pools, balconies, terraces and gardens. There are no prying eyes to see you at home or in the garden. Therefore, you focus only on your lover and your holiday.

Honeymoon villa rental options, where every detail is carefully considered, offer a more luxurious accommodation experience than many hotels. The most important reason for this is that houses designed for only two people have facilities no different from a hotel.

What's Included in the Honeymoon Villa?
You can find everything you need for your holiday, and even things you haven't thought of, in conservative rental honeymoon villa options. All opportunities are ready to swim in the pool with your loved one, watch movies on TV in the evenings or spend romantic moments by the fireplace. A honeymoon villa for rent offers suitable opportunities for every activity you like to do with your spouse. Choose a conservative honeymoon villa for rent.

Comfortable seats for your happiness and comfort, kitchen equipment for delicious meals, wireless internet connection to communicate with your family, air conditioning for comfort and coolness, etc. Everything has been carefully thought out. You can find every piece of furniture you have in your home in these specially designed residences. There is also a private area where you can enjoy a balcony with villa alternatives with a view. You can experience loving moments with your lover while watching the sunset on the balcony!

Why Should You Choose a Conservative Honeymoon Villa?
There are many options for a holiday. Caravan, hotel, hostel, apartment, rental house, etc. You can choose from alternatives. However, none of them will be as advantageous as a conservative honeymoon villa for rent. If you wish, let's examine the biggest advantages together:


There is no one else in these residences other than you and your loved ones. Also, anyone who can see you, disturb you or make noise is far away. Security and privacy are protected with high sensitivity in honeymoon villa rental options. As long as the seasonal conditions are suitable, you will be completely free to swim in the pool and sunbathe.


 There are no entertainment facilities in apartments and hostels. It is not possible to have fun in hotels under crowds, noise and bright lights. You and your lover will redefine entertainment in Kalkan honeymoon villa rental alternatives!


Beds, armchairs, TVs, etc. found in hotels. The items are mostly old. It is also very difficult to clean. The furnishings in the residences we offer for you are renewed regularly. Before and after reservation, deficiencies are eliminated and perfect comfort is provided. You can benefit from comfort, convenience and useful multi-purpose items in all of our honeymoon villa rental alternatives.

Delicious Meals

Even if you stay in a five-star hotel, it is extremely difficult to find food that suits your taste. Many are food for a few days and only their appearance changes. Hostels, on the other hand, have the necessary pots, pans, plates and stoves, etc. may be insufficient in these matters. Even the smallest details have been prepared for you to cook delicious meals in our conservative honeymoon villa rental options. You will enjoy taking advantage of these small details accompanied by the sea view1


The most important need of couples after the wedding is some calm and peace. As if the noise of the city wasn't enough, everyone, both familiar and unknown, tries to tell you something during the wedding period. In hotels, music playing almost 24/7, loud conversations and children's voices will not provide you with peace. You will find calmness, peace and quiet in our rental villa alternatives.


With the pandemic, hygiene and cleanliness become more important. No matter how careful you are, you cannot provide adequate hygiene in a crowded environment. Sheets, pillows etc. Although items are washed, many hotels avoid changing them daily. You can find all the cleaning items and linens you need in a short time in the conservative honeymoon villa rental options. Each one is kept clean, ironed and folded in the cupboards.

Wide Option Opportunity

You can review the rental honeymoon villa alternatives you want, in accordance with your budget and dreams, on our website. There is a filtering feature for many options such as different view options, size, number of people and housing type. Single storey, two storey, triplex etc. A cute and spacious holiday of different sizes awaits you!

What to Consider When Choosing a Honeymoon Villa?
In recent years, conservative honeymoon villa rental alternatives have increased considerably. Especially those who marry with an Islamic understanding prefer this type of holidays. Therefore, working with a company that is not an expert in the field may cause you to have a holiday far from what you imagined. Below you can take a look at the points to consider:

Professionalism: Many businesses only provide pre-sales service. After the sale is made, phones are not answered and e-mails are not answered. We always prioritize your satisfaction before and after sales. You are not a customer for us, you are the most beautiful guests of our home. When you choose a honeymoon villa for rent, we offer a professional service even after your holiday is over.
Location: When looking at affordable holiday options, you may find that some residences are cheaper. Moreover, many of them are labeled as luxury villas. You should know that many of these residences are very far from the city center, the sea and the market. Vacationing in a deserted place may not be as safe as you think.
Distance to the sea: If you say 'you can't go without swimming in the sea' while on holiday, you should check the distance between the house and the sea. Many of the residences we offer for you are within walking distance to the sea. You can review our website or call us for detailed information.
Additional Features: Having a holiday with more opportunities allows you to live your days to the fullest. If you are considering a holiday, especially in winter and spring, villa alternatives with heated pools will be a good choice.
Price: Many of us pay attention to the price factor in order to have a longer holiday and save money. Holiday companies that are very cheap usually attract customers by talking about their non-existent features. As Kalkan Villa, we share every detail with you and offer affordable prices. In this way, our guests continue to choose us even after years.

Why Should You Choose Villa Holiday?
Spas, ultra all-inclusive hotels, holiday rentals, camping, etc. Having trouble choosing among them? Of course, each holiday option has its own advantages. However, we can briefly explain why you should choose a honeymoon villa for rent.

The entire holiday is shaped according to your wishes,
You don't have to wake up early to have breakfast or eat dinner even though you're not hungry.
You do not need to swim tightly in pools where everyone enters at the same time,
You do not have to worry about privacy,
You can have a holiday at much more affordable prices than hotels with economical villa options.
You will have memories that you will remember with a big smile on your face even years later,
Depending on the residence you choose, you can swim on the beach, take a forest walk or take a city tour,
If you wish, we can bring your meals specially for you with extra meal options, or you can order the meal you want,
After your holiday in a conservative honeymoon villa for rent is over, you will want to holiday in this type of residence again with your large group of friends or family,
If you could not take care of your spouse enough during the wedding period, Kalkan honeymoon villa rental will give you a great start to forget all the negativities.
Thanks to different bank agreements, you can create an easy payment plan and have a money-saving holiday.
In honeymoon villa rental options, you can spend your holiday for the period you specify.
Close to the sea and with a view!
When should a villa holiday be done?
Regardless of the season of your wedding, you can choose conservative honeymoon villa rental options whenever you want. We show the same care in every season, regardless of summer or winter. Couples who want to have a winter holiday can make beautiful memories by the fireplace.

Some of the honeymoon villa rental options have special facilities suitable for winter conditions. Sauna, jacuzzi etc. You can enjoy your holiday to the fullest with the options.

Depending on the location you choose, you can have a wonderful summer holiday between April and November. We are just a click away to benefit from early booking discounts. You will not find behavior such as not answering the phone or acting indifferent during busy periods, like many other companies. Conservative honeymoon villa rental options are allocated to the dates you specify every day of the year. It makes us very happy to be in touch with you 24/7 in every season and every day!

We are extremely assertive about honeymoon villas for rent! The biggest reason for our claim is that we offer a wider range of options and friendliness than other companies. We will contact you as soon as you start your holiday or have any questions.

Where Are the Best Rental Villas Located?

You can choose Kaş / Kalkan regions for conservative honeymoon villas for rent. A warm sun, a comfortable house and untouched beaches, everything you are looking for is here! In addition, although it is quieter than many other holiday resorts, entertainment centers are also very popular. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic places, cafes where you can watch the sea, etc. Many places are located here.

Location choice directly affects the activities you will do on your holiday. A significant part of our honeymoon villa rental alternatives are very close to entertainment, art centers and nature. In this way, you can evaluate different alternatives to have fun or relax as soon as you leave home.

Couples who get married at different times of the year can consider conservative honeymoon villa rental alternatives. These residences have air conditioning, sauna, jacuzzi, easy transportation, etc. There are opportunities.

The Most Important Reasons for Choosing Us
When you start researching Kalkan honeymoon villa rentals, you may have come across many companies. Many of them may have fascinated you with their wonderful home photos and exaggerated sentences. Especially people living in distant cities are attracted by the idea of ​​a nice holiday and make a choice from a random website.

When you examine our website, you may have noticed that we are one step ahead with our honeymoon villa rental options. Our agreements and our wide network, as well as our experiences in the sector, are about to make us 'the best'. However, the most important factor is to ensure the satisfaction of our guests. You can find a friendly representative who can contact you even with the smallest problem.

In conservative rental honeymoon villas and other options, the maintenance, repair or cleaning of each house is monitored by our special officials. In this way, you can be sure that you are entering a clean, beautiful and well-equipped home. At the same time, most of them have private parking lots, so your belongings are safe.

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