Villa Rental from Kalkan Villa

You will reach the reservation form of the villa by clicking the COMPLETE RESERVATION button after marking the dates you want to enter on the calendar in the section where the villa or apartment you want to rent. It is necessary to pay attention to leave a gap of 5 or 7 days between the other reservations of the villa or apartment you choose, or to check in and out on the same day. When you mark the date you want for the first time, you will reach the price for 5 nights, when you check the box with the day shown in blue, you will reach the 6 night price information. To extend your days further, you need to re-tick the blue option.

Afterwards, you can see the price of the villa you want to rent in the range of accommodation and the prepayment amount (35% of the total amount) to be paid as a prepayment.

When you click the 'SEND' tab after filling the Reservation Form incompletely, the information on the reservation page is filled and your pre-reservation request is sent to us. Our sales team will contact you immediately after reviewing your request (via phone, WhatsApp and mail) and send you the necessary payment documents to confirm your pre-reservation request.

After your payment is collected, your reservation confirmation for the villa you will be staying in will be sent by e-mail and telephone.

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