In the past years, many people who want to rent villas or apartments in our region have made prepayments for the houses they like their visuals, but they have not found any contact persons in the places they want to spend their holidays in line with the given location and have been victims. We are pleased to ask you to pay attention to a few points so that the time you plan to spend your most valuable time you have dreamed of throughout the year in a comfortable and peaceful manner does not result in disappointment and you do not lose your money to these people.

Search the company you are planning to rent, you can learn this from the banks, police stations and municipalities in the region where you will rent.
Make sure that the company you are renting is in the same area as the house you are renting.
Do not rely on those who provide you with discounts of 50% in advance payments in villa and apart rentals, weekly prices are determined by month in villa rentals, and such big discounts are not allowed.
Pay attention to the people who send the villa or apartment you will rent to your villa by positioning you only. Rental companies have to meet you in their office and should be with you until you enter your rental house.
Better research companies that rent houses from each region because it will be really difficult for companies working with each region to follow the status and developments of the house they rented. Local agencies rent in certain regions. The advantage of local agents is that you can always reach the company office and authorized persons and ask for help on necessary matters.
Agencies that rent villas and apartments receive prepayments of 30-35% of the total accommodation amount. You have to pay the remaining amount when entering the villa or apartment you are renting. When you ask you to see the total payment or the place you will rent, attention should be paid to the people who give you excuses.
In addition, there have been many people using a digital line with 0850, which can be forwarded to the desired number, or forwarding the code number of (242) Antalya to their mobile phones. Ask these people to confirm the address of their Office as we mentioned earlier.
The rental sector is a growing sector day by day and do not give credit to people who are not in the same area as the villa or apartment you rent in this sector.
Scammers usually act by stealing images uploaded by companies on the internet. In order not to victimize you and our hosts, we use a faint logo application called WATERMARK on the pictures on our site, as seen in the example above.

♦ is registered with Türsab under the name of PUBLIC RELATIONS KALKAN Travel Tourism Agency with document number 13010. However, there is no legal obligation to be affiliated with Türsab for Villa Rental.As we have mentioned before, we may not have suitable villas and apartments, please choose the companies that will meet you in the area you are renting.

KalkanVilla Tourism Construction Trade and Industry LTD. ŞTİ.

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